Beyond Walls PROJECT

PARIS 2019


For the launch of its "Beyond Walls" project, Saype chose an emblematic place: the Champ de Mars. Dominated by one of the most visited monuments in the world: the Eiffel Tower, this project marks the beginning of a long adventure and a new page that turns to the work of the artist. Socially committed, it is a message of hope and optimism that Saype and his team wants to send to the world.


After Geneva 2018, the artist has chosen to reaffirm his support for the association SOS Méditerranée. Apolitical, the association perfectly represents the values of the project "Beyond Walls" namely: mutual aid, benevolence and openness to others. In the same way that the association navigates thanks to the citizen donors, the project will be able to grow and travel thanks to its community.

The artwork 


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